• It is not allowed to wear outdoor shoes in the studios.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the studios (with the exception of water bottles).
  • Cell phones and all other electronic devices must be turned off during all classes and kept in the student's bag.
  • Students and everyone else are not allowed to take pictures or film in the school without prior permission from the Artistic Director.
  • It is strictly forbidden to photograph or film in the changing rooms.
  • Students are free to participate in performances and/or workshops and give lessons outside the NBA, provided they have been discussed in advance and with the permission (absence excused) of the artistic director.
  • Interviews and/or other contacts with the press/media can only take place with the prior consent of the artistic director.
  • If students cause (accidental) damage to the building/furniture/property of the school, the student can be held (financially) liable for the damage caused and the costs associated with repair work and/or replacement costs. Students are advised to take out liability insurance.
  • The school cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items. Because theft cannot always be prevented, students are advised not to bring valuables into the school. If valuables are brought to the school, they must be kept in sight at all times.

In cases not covered by these house rules, the decision rests with the artistic director of the NBA.

Alcohol and Drug Policy
The use of drugs is strictly prohibited within the school building. Failure to follow this rule may result in expulsion from the school.
According to Dutch law, alcohol may be consumed in limited quantities by students over the age of 18. At certain school events, such as school parties and after-school receptions, the use of alcoholic beverages is allowed in limited quantities. A student over the age of 18 is expected to behave responsibly with regard to the use of alcohol.

The use of alcohol and/or drugs by students outside school hours can lead to problematic after-effects (hangover, nausea, lack of concentration, dehydration, exhaustion, psychosis, blackouts, memory loss, depression, etc.). ). Students who show symptoms of use or excessive use of drugs and/or alcohol will be excluded from classes pending further investigation.

All students are strongly advised and encouraged to report alcohol and drug related incidents to the NBA board. Such reports will be treated confidentially. If, for whatever reason, the student wishes to discuss these matters with someone other than the NBA board, he/she can contact one of the confidential advisers of the Amsterdam University of the Arts. The contact details of the confidential advisers can be found on MyAHK internet.

Drug use
Students taking prescription drugs that affect or may affect their studies or functioning within the school are required to inform the Artistic Director.

Use of social media
As the opportunities to share experiences with changing technologies expand, we want to remind employees, students and families of their and our responsibilities to privacy, respect and discretion.
We ask staff, students and families to observe the following:
Use common sense and courtesy: for example, ask permission from an Artistic Officer if you are allowed to publish or report anything related to the school.
Be careful not to violate the privacy of the NBA or that of its staff, students and employees. The NBA does not allow photographs and/or filming of students and students, especially when students are in class in studios or rehearsing on stage. Sometimes the artistic staff allows parents to take pictures at the end of class - these pictures should not be shared publicly - and parents should be reminded that posting pictures publicly on social media sites (including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, etc.) .) violates not only NBA privacy laws, but also international privacy laws. Sharing images with friends and family online is acceptable and does not require NBA approval. The NBA's intent is not to curb parental enthusiasm for sharing their child's achievements, but rather to ensure that we honor and respect the right content creators and rights holders. For example, photographing and filming lessons, rehearsals, performances, etc. is against the rights of the NBA. Failure to adhere to the policies outlined above will compromise the NBA's ability to keep your children safe. As technology and regulations continue to evolve, the NBA will continue to monitor and adapt these policies as necessary.