A programme may ask students for a voluntary contribution. We call this the learning resources contribution. From this contribution, the study programme pays part of the material costs for activities, performances and projects, which are not included in the regular budget. This concerns specific costs such as material and production costs: rent of theatres/locations, travel and accommodation costs, insurances, publicity costs, costs for copies of, for instance, plays, and readers compiled by teachers that are used in education instead of (text) books. 
If your programme levies the learning resources levy, students are informed on request what it is spent on. The choice in collecting this contribution per programme is based on a 'solidarity principle': everyone pays the same amount. This expenditure is therefore not settled with the individual student per project, lesson, performance or assignment. 
If you do not pay the learning resources contribution, you will not be able to use the materials paid for with it, or participate in certain activities. Should you be delayed for this, the study programme must offer you one or more substitute assignments, which you must complete with a positive result.

For excursions and study trips, a voluntary contribution may be requested to cover travel and accommodation costs, in addition to the study material contribution.