Welcome to the Dance Study Guide!

If we trust that art matters
At our school, we share the belief that art matters. Art stands for imagination, curiosity, beauty and comfort. Without imagination there is no progress, you cannot empathise with others. Imagination is what makes us special and what makes life worth living.

If we can learn from everyone
We believe you can learn from everyone: from the world, from each other and from teachers. And we learn from you too. The world and the art you bring in as a student are the starting point for a dialogue. Together, we invent 21st-century theatre.

If we think artists contribute to shaping the world
Artists add something essential to our world, we believe. This does not have to be social or political, it can also be aesthetic, poetic or emotional. You can't stand still, you have to look ahead, that is art's nature. We ask the same of our students and teachers.'

How will we act?
The most important question you will answer during your studies is: what will I do as an artist? What do I want to mean in the world? What theatre am I going to make? Because art is not only about tradition, but also about the future. And that future, that's you!"
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