The exam committee acts as supervisor for the Academy for Theatre and Dance. This independent committee monitors the quality of tests and assessments in relation to the formulated competencies and exit qualifications of the study programmes. It does so by appointing examiners, drawing up guidelines for holding tests and assessments (including awarding diplomas), combating fraud, verifying the quality of tests and deciding on submitted complaints, dispensations and personal study tracks. The Education and Exam Regulation (OER) functions as a guideline for the decision-making process of the exam committee, as does the Study Guide which contains the competencies and exit qualifications of the study programme. The exam committee also gives solicited and unsolicited advice about topics that have to do with the quality of tests and assessments.

When to contact the exam committee? 
If questions or problems with tests or assessments arise, it is advisable to first discuss these with the teacher in question and/or artistic director of the study programme. Although formally the exam committee has final say, applications for dispensations or a personal study track are primarily dealt with by the artistic director. Students who have problems with study progress should consult with the student counsellor or study coach.

If no solution is forthcoming you can consider contacting the exam committee:

  • If in your opinion something is wrong with the result of your assessment or if you have doubts about the assessment and consultation with the teacher, examiner or artistic director of the study programme has not helped to solve the problem.
  • If you find that faults were made in awarding a dispensation or deciding on a personal study track.

You then object to the course of events or the decision. The Examination Board will investigate whether the procedures have been followed correctly and whether the OER has been properly applied. The decision of the Examination Board may mean that a procedure has to be repeated.

Who is on the Examination Board?
Angela Linssen (chairman)
Jeroen de Beer (secretary)
Rose Akras (on behalf of the teacher training programmes)
Juul Beeren (on behalf of the master's programmes)
Iva Lesic (on behalf of the dance schools)
Martin Verheesen (on behalf of the theater education)
Hellen Borgmann (external member)

How do you contact the Examination Board?
If you have complaints about testing and assessment, you can submit them to the Examination Board. Contact: Jeroen de Beer, secretary of the Examination Board,