Every year the different study programmes of the Academy for Theatre and Dance realize a staggering 600 different dance and theatre productions. To make this possible the school has a fully-equipped dance theatre, a very practical and versatile theatre auditorium (type black box), a sound studio and twelve try-out studios where students can develop and stage their presentations independently.

The technique and facilities of these spaces and the maintenance of the professional technical equipment is taken care of by an enthusiastic team of thirteen people. The ATT also has a Rental Facility where lighting-, sound and video equipment can be borrowed for use during projects and performances. Students will receive instructions on how to use equipment so it can be operated  independently or a technician can supervise its use.

The Rental facilities have consulting hours on work days from 9.00 – 10.00 hrs. and from 13.00 -14.00 hrs. for reserving equipment and brief Q & A. For collecting and returning material and more comprehensive information, please make an appointment via att@ahk.nl
ATT staff give lessons in lighting, sound, video and safety. In addition, they offer advice, make designs for lighting, sound and video and supervise and help students to realize their productions. 

The ATT is located on the ground floor, behind the theater hall.

René Molenaar
Tel. 020 527 7627
Email: rene.molenaar@ahk.nl