Frame of the academy rules
The AHK regulations are in force, including the Student Charter, integrity code, social security code of conduct, complaints procedure for undesirable behaviour and ICT rules of use. These can be found on MyAHK and

Participation in education

  • The student is obliged to follow the study programme determined for him or her.
  • The student may only participate in classes where he or she has been assigned. This can only be deviated from after permission from the management.
  • In certain circumstances, students from outside the study programme may take part in a course offer. The management of the study programme decides on the participation and placement of these students and keeps to inform the lecturer(s) and year group(s) concerned in a timely manner. Arrangements will be made with these (guest) students about the costs and duration of participation and the requirements to be met.


  • In case of illness, the student must report to the secretariat of his study programme before 9.00 a.m. or in the manner indicated by the study programme. Also when the student leaves the school during the course of the day due to illness, he must report to the secretarial office. Repatriation after illness must also be reported.
  • In case of prolonged illness or in case of an injury, the student must contact the artistic director of his study programme, after which arrangements will be made.

Permitted absence

  • For occasional absences with a valid reason (e.g. personal or family circumstances, a doctor's visit, or in some cases an audition or workshop), a student may submit a request for a declaration of permitted absences (or excused absences) to his study programme. Such a declaration will only be given if it has been requested in good time and after written permission from the artistic director. It is the student's own responsibility to obtain an excused absence. Permitted absence counts as presence.
  • Students with an injury are present during the lesson to observe, but only if the nature of the injury allows this. This is noted as presence. Open wounds should always be covered with a plaster or bandage. Together with the artistic director it will be determined which lessons the student can (and should) take actively, if necessary in consultation with the Health & Performance department.

Late arrival and absenteeism 

  • For all classes, those who are late cannot participate in the lesson, but can be asked to keep watching. Late attendance is noted as absent, unless the student has a good reason (this at the discretion of the teacher). The same applies to late arriving at a rehearsal, which can also have consequences for participation in a piece, project or performance.
  • If during a lesson block or project it appears that a student has missed too many lessons or meetings without a valid reason to still be able to meet the participation standard (90% and, in highly exceptional cases, 70% with reasons), the teacher cannot assess the student. For more information about this, see the Education and Examination Regulations.
  • The instructor responsible for the supervision of this block or project may request the artistic director to exclude this student from further participation. Before making a decision, the artistic director must hear both sides of the argument. If the tutor's request is declared well-founded, the student will be denied access to the block or project and will be informed of this in writing. 

Exclusion from participation in the lessons

  • Students, teachers and staff are jointly responsible for the quality of education at the Academy for Theatre and Dance. It is important that everyone is committed, and that everyone takes responsibility for his/her role in the educational process and in the organisation.
  • If a student's behaviour, statements or repeated unauthorised absence disrupts the progress of his own learning process or that of his fellow students, he will be held accountable by the management. More information about the measures that can then be taken and the associated procedures can be found in the education and examination regulations.
  • Students who run into problems, or who wish to object to the above measures with the management of the Academy for Theatre and Dance, are strongly advised to first contact the dean of the Academy for Theatre and Dance, 020 - 527 7637.

Working alongside the training

  • Working outside the school ín the student's class hours is in principle not allowed, except in internship periods. In all other cases, the student must seek prior permission from the artistic director. It is important that in order to obtain his diploma, the student must have completed all parts with a positive result.
  • In such cases, a replacement assignment or more assignments will be given or an individual learning trajectory will be determined in which all parts will still be dealt with. Permission from the examination board is required for the latter route.


  • At the beginning of the academic year it is indicated which clothing and shoes students should purchase. It is wise to purchase pointe shoes/tap shoes in consultation with the teacher concerned.
  • Students will be assigned a locker at the beginning of the academic year.

Building rules
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