We also test and assess ourselves as an educational institution. Your judgment is very important in this.
As a rule, an oral evaluation takes place at the end of all teaching programs and projects. The relevant teacher(s) and students jointly discuss the experiences of all those involved. The purpose of this evaluation is:

  • review of the content and progress of the program or project in relation to the objectives
  • assessment of the value of the program or project in the curriculum of the degree programme.
  • assessment of the approach and supervision of the teacher(s)
  • assessment of the learning efficiency of the students.

In addition to these interviews, periodic written or digital course evaluations are also conducted among year groups. These take the form of an anonymous survey in which the students can assess many aspects of the component or course and the approach and quality of the teacher.
Before graduation, we also ask all students to complete a program evaluation in the form of an anonymous survey, in which they can assess the entire program and make recommendations. As a result of the results of this survey, an interview is held with an independent quality assurance policy officer. Students can also provide qualitative feedback on their study programme. The results of all studies are processed annually and discussed for each study program in a meeting between the artistic director and the director, from which any action points for the coming years arise.

Every year, all study programs at the university of applied sciences participate in the National Student Survey (NSE). Students are invited by e-mail to participate, in as large a number as possible.

If you have complaints about the quality of education, there are various ways to express them. Visit the Klachtenloket.