IDlab is a meeting place and laboratory where students from different study programmes become acquainted with the application of new technologies and explore with each other the poetic and radical imaginative possibilities of contemporary digital technologies in the performing arts. The IDlab, edited by students, teachers and artists, offers a programme of interdisciplinary educational projects, workshops and encounters, and builds a bridge to the VRacademy in which the film academy and other academies collaborate.

The IDlab Studio is located on the fifth floor. It is a studio with special facilities where interdisciplinary projects and experiments including 360 degree projection and augmented and virtual reality can be realized. The IDlab studio is home to the editors where students and artists meet.

The audiovisual department of the Academy for Theatre and Dance is located in the IDlab on the fifth floor. The department consists of:
- a recording studio and classroom,
- four video editing sets, 
- a copy space for copying video tapes, performance recording files, and discs.
The department has two employees: Paul van der Ploeg and Ward ten Voorde.
The main activity is to provide various video workshops and courses in cooperation with the training courses. In addition, the image media team provides advice to teachers and students about producing video content and the use of video equipment in performances. It is also possible to use video recording and editing equipment. Furthermore, performance registrations are made on behalf of various courses.

Head of projects:
Erik Lint 
Tel. 020 527 7809

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