Our bond with the professional field is directly represented in our choice of teachers and guest teachers working for the study programmes. A number of teachers together with the artistic director form the staff or core team of the study programme. As team they assure the continuity, the  development and the continued innovation of the curriculum. In line with the school’s educational vision, the teachers act as critical, investigative tutors who confront students with their vision of the profession and the world. Because they are active professionals, they include adequate and relevant practice-based experiences in their lessons. They are open-minded in their approach to diverse forms and attitudes in art and culture and keep up-to-date on new insights regarding their professional field and education.

Due to the limited number of students in a study programme or year group, the teachers have sufficient opportunity to coach students individually if necessary. Teachers are generally regarded by students as inspiring points of reference, people they can mirror themselves on.

Guest teachers are mainly appointed for short-term projects, workshops or performances. On the one hand study programmes look for guest teachers who have earned a reputation in the professional field, have extensive experience or epitomize a specific style or genre. On the other hand they also invite younger guest teachers; people with a fledgling but highly promising practice who represent a certain innovation and can stimulate students to investigate new possibilities.