Students who have successfully completed certain subjects or components during a previous study or who can show in another way that they have already mastered certain competencies at HBO level, can in some cases qualify for a dispensation for one or more subjects or study components.

Dispensations must be approved by the artistic director of the study programme and in most cases also by the teacher of the relevant subject or study component. If the artistic director and the subject teacher(s) are satisfied that you qualify for a dispensation, they will submit your application for a dispensation to the Exam Committee of the Academy for Theatre and Dance which will decide finally  whether to grant your request.

Artistic leaders can apply for two types of exemption for students:

  1. exemption for individual study components based on previously acquired competences;
  2. If the development of a student gives rise to this, the student can, with the approval of the artistic director, design an alternative learning route that deviates from the standard study program described in the study guide. The alternative route is aimed at the same competences and learning results and has an equal scope and weight that matches the nature and structure of the study program as a whole. The alternative program, together with concrete agreements about deadlines, forms the method of the document 'study agreements'.
    The Examination Board must give permission for the alternative learning route as described in the study agreements, prior to its start.
  3. For the replacement of one or more program components by components that are part of programs of study programs within the ATD, permission does not need to be requested from the Examination Board if the artistic director of the student concerned agrees to the replacement of the program components.