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The Modern Theatre Dance Bachelor study programme trains students to become contemporary performing dancers who, because of their high technical standard, personality, creativity, discipline and mental and intellectual commitment, can function as independent dancers in modern dance ensembles and ad hoc projects. Graduates have mastered a manner of working that promotes an investigative attitude and enduring physical fitness and well-being. The study programme is multi-faceted and can be seen as a comprehensive art vocational training course where, in addition to developing a dancer’s technical ability, attention focuses on creative and personal dance aspects. Of prime importance is the experience that students gain during their study with regard to the different facets of the creative process that comprise a theatre dance performance.

Technique of totality
Is the attitude towards and within one’s work and profession  
That attitude is to be present, to be within
To open, to be open, to stay open 
To look at, to question, to take notice, to notate, to reflect
To refer, to relate, to allow change, to do away with safeguards
To keep exploring. Researching, Not allowing yourself to waste time  
To work moment by moment To know what to do, how to do it and be able to do it