The dean informs and advises students on student issues within and outside the degree programme. He can provide information and help regarding financial aspects of studying, such as student finance, insurance, funds and grants, awards and regulations. You can also approach the dean about issues that concern the study itself, such as assessments, credits, negative binding study advice or study delay. The dean advises the board if you are unable to function optimally as a student due to illness or personal circumstances and in cases where a student wishes to appeal against a decision on negative binding study advice.

The dean also offers objective support in situations of disagreement with teachers, the artistic director or the management. You can also contact him for advice on whether or not to terminate your study prematurely or permanently and to switch to another study. For more information see intranet.

The discussions with the dean are confidential and take place by appointment. The basic principle is that having so-called practical issues in order improves the quality of study and career.

Contact: Timon Hagen, dean Academy for Theater and Dance
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