First study year
In the first study year the school provides a significant amount of diverse input. It is reflected in higher amount of face-to-face study hours. The self-study hours are structurally distributed in block 5 when students create their own work; the remaining self-study hours are to be distributed by students themselves for the reading and writing related to e.g. Dance History course and for a part throughout the first four blocks on the own research and work shared during the SNDO Friday Afternoons.

The courses are divided into morning and afternoon schedules. The morning schedule consists of classes in technique, which include yoga, physical fitness, movement research, Alexander technique, West African Classical Dance, Alignment, release, Hip Hop fundamentals, etc. The afternoon schedule includes courses in choreography, theory and performance making. The assessed performance programme/creation of a choreograpic object is taking place in SNDO studios at the end of the 1st study year, during the Block 5.

The aim of the propaedeutic phase (the first year of the programme) is one of mutual orientation. It becomes apparent during this phase how the student is relating to the demands of the day-to-day programme and - in the light of the professional prospects - can summon the necessary discipline. During the first year the teachers have time to assess if a student has the potential to acquire the competencies of the study programme. It is a year for the student and the school to assess if this particular environment and programme philosophy are the one in which the student’s potential and capacities are addressed in productive ways and in which the student themselves and their environment (will) thrive for four years.
If a student receives a positive assessment at the end of the first year and has obtained the necessary 60 study credits, they will be awarded their propaedeutic diploma and may continue the study.