The 4-year programme
The SNDO seeks to support the student in connecting to their sources and interests as an artist and in finding their contribution to the development of dance and performance as art forms. The school guides students in such a way that they are able to work independently and professionally both when they decide to work as singular author or collaboratively. The school aims toward graduates being able to sustain their work and professional career as choreographers. The programme is developed for students with previous (dance) training, who have started developing their own work or have had some performance experience.

The emphasis of the courses is on the making of choreographic work through a balanced programme of theoretical and physical classes. An important element of the SNDO programme is the development of performance work with attention to curating and curatorial decisions when presenting work. On Fridays there are SNDO Friday Afternoon performances and presentations of studies, drafts, open rehearsals and other formats in which students share and test their artistic propositions.