The Academy for Theatre and Dance has described its vision on evaluating, the assessment policy and -system in the Education Policy Document and the Integrated Assessment Protocol as part of its vision on education and learning. The evaluating system of the Associate Degree in classical ballet is in line with this policy.

The assessment of the development of a personal vision and ambition cannot be set down in fixed frameworks. Every student works in a different environment, has different talents and ambitions. Therefore, when assessing a student, the first consideration is how he has developed in relation to himself, and his personal goals in relation to the final qualifications of the programme. The final qualifications (competences) of the programme provide a general framework for the requirements of the ballet dancer. The student who has mastered the whole range of professional knowledge, skills and attitudes and is able to translate this into his own professional practice, has an excellent chance of lasting success.

The assessment of a student's development is always subjective and there are no unambiguous standards with which the development of students can be compared. That is why the programme opts for an integral assessment; the artistic director and the teachers jointly make an intersubjective integral assessment of the student's overall development during the module