The credits are expressed in a system of study load corresponding to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). According to the law (WHW), a full-time hbo programme of 240 credits (EC) represents 1680 hours of study annually, in a combination of supervised and unaccompanied learning.
The study load of the propaedeutic phase is 60 credits. The total study load of the main phase is 180 credits, 60 for each of the three academic years.

Credits are not awarded per subject and/or in sections, but integrally per semester or per defined period. The credits, in the way we award them, are not directly related to the study load. Assuming semesters, you will be awarded:
- 20 points for sufficient teaching attendance, and
- 10 points for satisfactory progress and development.

In case of disappointing results or insufficient attendance, the assessment meeting may give you one or more additional assignments before awarding credits. Usually linked to a deadline by which these assignments must be completed and assessed.

You will be informed of your study results and the credits you have obtained at the end of each semester/period during an individual conversation with your artistic director, study supervisor, mentor or main subject teacher.
As you progress through the various phases of the programme, there is a shift in the emphasis of assessment: from a more didactic assessment focused on learning, to a more artistic assessment. The responsibility for the integral assessment and the results per student lies with the artistic director and ultimately with the management.

All assessments and conclusions will appear in your individual student file, which you can access if you wish. More information on testing and assessment can be found in the Education and Examination Regulations (OER), available on the ATD intranet.

Study load
Being involved in theatre and dance does not run from nine to five. On the one hand, the study load is concrete; the number of hours you spend on your study but, on the other hand, it is also up to you as a student. Besides classes and self-study, you will also fill time with theatre visits and seeing and supporting fellow students' performances.

An average of the study load is difficult to give because it can / will vary per student and per period. The average weekly schedule of our programmes includes around 30 to 35 contact and self-study hours, but the study load also has certain peaks around performances.