The Academy for Theatre and Dance is managed by a two-member board of directors who share final responsibility for the entire organization: for both artistic and business organizational policy and results.
The management has delegated responsibility for the quality and development of education to the artistic directors of the various programs. The director reports periodically to the Executive Board and chairs the Academy Board.

  • The two-man management is supported by the Operational Management Team, Education Policy Team and Quality Assurance Team. 
  • The programs are divided into three domains: Dance, Theatre and Masters (DAS):
  • Dance: National Ballet Academy (NBA), Associate degree in Classical Ballet, School for New Dance Development (SNDO), Dance Teacher (DD), Expanded Contemporary Dance (ECD).
  • Theater: Amsterdam School of Drama & Cabaret (ATKA), Mime, Directing, Theater Teacher (also offering an abbreviated variant), Scenography, Design and Technology (D&T), Production of Performing Arts (OPP) and the Associate degree in Technical Production.
  • Masters: DAS Theater, DAS Choreography and Das Creative Producing. This domain is situated in DAS Graduate School, which also includes the lectureship.

There is a four-week consultation cycle within the academy in which consultations follow one another:
The artistic leaders consult in the domains on artistic policy, teaching and ongoing issues within their domain (but sometimes also trans-domain): with each other, with the director and with policy staff.
If relevant, the artistic leaders of the masters or the lecturer or members of the Operational Management Team or Education Policy Team join in.

The Operational ManagementTeam, which meets fortnightly and is responsible for day-to-day operations, consists of heads and staff who support the director and artistic directors. The Policy Team advises on educational policy and student welfare. 

The Academy Board meets approximately five times a year and consists of the director, the deputy director, the lecturer, the head of financial operations, the head of policy, representatives of the programs (two per domain), representatives of the operations team (two) . In the Academy Board, decisions are made that provide direction and framework for the policies of the entire academy.
The director meets periodically with the directors of other faculties and the Board of Governors in the AHK Strategic Consultation and with a representation of teachers and students in the employee participation bodies: the Academy Council and the Program Committees per domain.

In addition, the Executive Board regularly consults with the directors of fellow programs in the Netherlands in the Theater Network and the Dance Network and the consultation of the professional arts teachers' programs (KVDO) and with representatives from the professional field (in the Advisory Committee).