The Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK) believes that a safe and pleasant study and work environment is of great importance. Safety, respect and mutual sympathy are conditions for a successful study and work experience. Unwanted conduct and transgressive behaviour are therefore unacceptable.

The confidential adviser is the point of contact for anyone who experiences undesirable behaviour. Confidential advisers are independent, impartial people. Due to the duty of confidentiality that the confidential adviser has, you can tell your story openly and confidentially. The confidential adviser will assist you, listen to you and give room for your emotions.

If you wish, the confidential adviser will think along with you, advise you, inform and assist you with identifying possible solutions, including advantages and disadvantages, and help you make a choice.  The confidential adviser will support whatever choice you make, as well as guiding and supporting you when de-escalating and putting an end to the undesirable behaviour. The confidential adviser will never take steps without discussing them with you and asking for your explicit permission.

You are free to choose a confidential adviser. If you prefer speaking to someone outside of the AHK, you can contact the confidential adviser from the health and safety service HumanCapitalCare. Read more about what confidential advisers do and who they are on MyAHK.