Students who have already successfully completed certain courses / units of study during a previous program, or who can demonstrate in some other way that they have already mastered certain competencies at college level, may in some cases be eligible for exemption for one or more courses / units of study.

Exemptions must be requested from the artistic leader of the program, and in most cases also from the subject teacher of the relevant course / course unit. If your artistic director and the subject teacher(s) are sufficiently convinced that you are eligible for exemption, they will submit your request for exemption to the Examination Committee of the Academy for Theatre and Dance. This committee will make the final decision on your request.

Artistic directors can request different types of exemption for students:

  1. Exemption for individual units of study based on previously acquired competencies;
  2. Exemption of one year based on completion of another similar study;
  3. If warranted by a student's development, the student may, with the approval of the artistic director, design an alternative learning route that differs from the standard program of study described in the study guide. The alternative route focuses on the same competencies and learning outcomes and has an equal size and severity appropriate to the nature and design of the study program as a whole. The alternative program, together with concrete agreements on deadlines, methods of assessment and other agreements, forms the document 'study agreements'. 

Please note: in all cases, the examination board must give its approval prior to the start of the above-mentioned exemptions or alternative learning route.  

For the replacement of one or more program components of the Theater or Dance programs by components that are part of programs within the same domain (Theater or Dance) within the ATD, no permission needs to be sought from the examination board. The condition is then that the artistic director of the student in question agrees to the substitution of the program components.