Although teaching usually takes place in groups, it is strongly focused on your individual development as a student. Study guidance, including internship and graduation guidance, is therefore primarily student guidance and is an important part of the programme. The artistic directors have a central task and are ultimately responsible for study guidance. Depending on the study programme, mentors or staff teachers also have a supervisory task that transcends their subject.
In addition, a dean is attached to the Academy of Theatre and Dance and advice can be sought regarding health care (Health & Performance).

In the fourth year of the programme, the graduation and internship period, the school deliberately withdraws. You choose a graduation or internship supervisor and they represent, largely on your initiative, direct contact with the school. You can opt for minimal contact, as this phase of study, in addition to individuality, should above all promote the development of independence. But if you need more guidance, this is also possible, but you will have to organise it yourself.

Sometimes there is the option, after consultation with the course, of asking people from the profession to act as mentors. This system is informal, relies on agreements between the student and the mentor and takes place outside the school's assessment frameworks and evaluation terms.