Helps to organize the production of performances. The heads of production for Theatre and Dance supervise students during the process. In particular they help students of the Production & Stage Management faculty to realize (graduate-) productions. They also coordinate and produce all projects that attract a public audience in collaboration with the study programmes and students involved. The Production Department is situated on the fifth floor, down the stairs next to the cafeteria.

For more information about what to do when making a production see the “Routeplan productie”:

Contact production manager Dance:
Dorothea Sinnema
Phone. 020 527 7605

Contact production manager Theater / head of production and room rental:
Annebeth Vlietstra
Phone. 020 527 7675

Contact production manager Theater and Dance:
Gemma van Kruijsbergen
Phone. 020 527 7624

Contact person production manager Theater and Dance and SNDO:
Chantal Mooij
Phone. 020 527 7601

Performance leader Dance:
Maureen Krumeich

Contact Technical Producer:
Bas de Bruijn
Phone. 020 527 7603

Contact production manager Mime:
Stella van Leeuwen
Phone. 020 527 7855