Complaints Desk
There are several facilities in the AHK in case you feel aggrieved as a student. The first step is always to talk to the person or body by whom you feel wronged. You can also first discuss your situation with a student dean or confidential advisor. If this does not lead to a solution, you can consider turning to

Or you can start formal proceedings. There is a distinction between a complaint, an objection or an appeal. A complaint relates to behaviour, while an objection or appeal can only be lodged against a decision. Different regulations apply to different situations. For more information, see: Complaints regulations

Barbara de Boer (1st year), Kris Dekkers (from 2nd year) (replacements Timon Hagen), dean Academy of Theatre and Dance
E-mail: or 020 - 527 76 37.

If you have complaints about testing and assessment, you can submit them to the examination board.