Appeals tribunal for exams (Cobex)
Students rights are protected by law. One of the bodies set up to safeguard students’ rights is the Appeals Tribunal for exams (Cobex) under independent chairmanship (not affiliated with the AHK). Students can submit a written appeal to the Cobex if they disagree with a decision concerning study credits, preliminary exams, exams or being denied a propaedeutic certificate, being refused entry to an assessment or a negative binding study recommendation. The limit for submitting such an appeal is four weeks after the decision in question was made known to the student. The tribunal will make its verdict known within ten weeks after receiving the appeal. The tribunal does not evaluate the level of the student but the legitimacy of the decision and if procedures were followed with due diligence. Such an appeal is an ultimate measure. Students are therefore strongly advised to first consult with the head of the study programme and/or the student counsellor. See also: Cobex van AHK    

Appeals Tribunal for Higher Vocational Education
The Appeals Tribunal for Higher Vocational Education decides about the legitimacy of decisions with regard to enrolment procedures, subject requirements, preliminary study programme demands, additional stipulations and dispensations. It also resolves issues concerning interim termination of registration and reimbursement of study fees. The tribunal does not assess the artistic level of students. Before appealing to the tribunal, an official complaints procedure must be followed at the AHK. This means that a student must submit an official complaint to the AHK Board of Directors first. The official complaint must be submitted no later than six weeks after a student was notified of a decision. If a student’s complaint is rejected, the student can appeal to The Appeals Tribunal for Higher Vocational Education. The appeal must be entered within six weeks after a verdict on the official complaint has been given.