The graduate professionally applies broad instrumental skills and knowledge in the work.

The graduate:

  1. masters the dance profession and can transfer the classical syllabus from an international dance vocabulary.
  2. has a broad spectrum of pedagogical and didactic knowledge and skills within the context of classical ballet education.
  3. applies knowledge of (subject) didactics, psychology, pedagogy and educational science adequately per target group in the didactic approach and thus creates a safe and powerful learning environment.
  4. realizes differentiated and personalized learning processes for the continuous development of individual students and their capabilities.
  5. supervises, tests and assesses the development and progress of the students in a responsible manner.
  6. is well aware of how dancers can maintain a healthy lifestyle, takes good care of their own mental and physical condition and transfers this to others in teaching practice.
  7. demonstrates practical knowledge of (international), repertoire (cultural history) and developments in the current cultural landscape.