Name teacher/supervisor:           Grigori Tchitcherini, Simona Ferrazza, Emanouela Merdjanova
Period, duration:                              5 blocks
Study load:                                         Contact hours 120 / self-study 775

Contribution to the competences
1. Creative ability
2. Artisanal ability
3. Investigative and reflective ability
4. Ability to develop and innovate
6. Communicative ability
7. Cooperative ability

Short summary of the content
The student learns the structure of classical ballet education based on the NBA Syllabus.
7 teaching years are covered that are connected to the seven-year Preliminary Training within the NBA structure.

Each year is built around the structure of a ballet class: barre, centrework, allegro and pointe work. The student is expected to learn the final objectives of each year, to be able to create examples of exercises with the final objectives that can be applied in practice and to be able to apply the starting points of Methodology of the NBA to the various years of study.

The final objectives and connection within the different year groups are clearly discussed and the course is deepened in how the NBA teaches the technique, at which moments there are options and which starting points are important within the structure of classical ballet education and the structure of lessons.

Concrete learning goals
The student:

  • Understands the final goals of the different years within a classical ballet training based on the NBA Syllabus
  • is able to create exercises with the attainment targets and to apply them in practice in lessons
  • sees the connections between the end goals of the different classes and reflects on the structure
  • is able to create the final goals and exercises within the indicated musical requirements and uses the knowledge gained in the course “Music”
  • can reflect on the NBA Methodology and apply it to the different years
  • Is able to see the Methodology in a larger context and to form his own vision
  • Is familiar with injury reduction and can apply this in practice

Working method(s) used
In group classes, the student will learn the NBA Syllabus in order from NBA 1-7. Assignments to create and put into practice exercises, lessons from the learned Syllabus. Self-study assignments per year group of the Syllabus.

Study material used (professional literature, cases, assignments, videos, etc.)
NBA Syllabus, NBA Methodology document. Practical teaching with fellow students and from block 2 within the NBA classes.

Method of assessment/test form
Syllabus knowledge and Methodology oral test. Further practice-oriented application tests:

  1. teaching for the fellow student
  2. teach in an NBA classroom.

Assessment criteria
1) 1,2,3,4,5
2) 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
3) 1,2,3,4,5,6
4) 1,2,3
6) 1,2
7) 1,2,3,4

The knowledge gained in this course is applied in practice as quickly as possible and is closely related to the Music course in particular.