Year, duration
AD1, AD 2

Study load (weekly) 
3x 60 minutes

Builds these competencies
1. Creative skills
2. Technical skills

3. Problem Solving Skills
5. Capacity for growth and innovation

Course content
These courses are aimed at strengthening the students and giving them (individual) tools to enhance their classical training and other subjects.

Learning objectives 
The student

  • Develops extra tools and knowledge to enhance their classical technique training
  • Develops skills to minimise injuries
  • Displays an understanding of their own needs and requirements for their body

Working methods
In groups and individually the student learns additional techniques

Study material (specialist literature, case histories, assignments, videos, etc.)
Balls, weight benches, gym material, etc

Assessment method
A short feedback is given to the student in the Fall report. Also during the Integral Assessment working attitude and progress will be discussed.

Assessment criteria 
Attendance, working attitude

Remarks relating to overall context of the study programme (e.g. connectional and sequential requirements), or other remarks
Enhances understanding and gives tools that connect to all other subjects