Address and contact details
The Dutch National Ballet Academy has its own building on the following address:
Nicolaas Tetterodestraat 13, Amsterdam

Dutch National Ballet Academy is part of the Academy of Theatre and Dance (ATD), the main building of the ATD is located on the Jodenbreestraat 3A, 1011 NG Amsterdam.

School secretary:                 Wendy Tadrous-Paulusma
Present:                                  Mon-Fri 09:00 - 17:00
Telephone:                              020 - 527 78 43 
E-mail :                                                                            
E-mail :                          
E-mail :                         
E-mail :                         

Website :
Intranet :

(HNB) Productions:             Jordan Tuinman
E-mail :                         

Coördination NBA 1-7:         Amanda Beck
Telephone:                              020 527 76 77

General information

The National Ballet Academy is part of the Academy of Theatre and Dance faculty at Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK). It therefore uses the electronic environment of this institution.

MyAHK is the intranet of AHK, where you can find your AHK e-mail, the Asimut schedule and the latest news and announcements. Logging in gives you access to the main secure digital services of AHK, such as your e-mail and the website. All students of AHK, including NBA pupils and students, have access to the MyAHK network. When activating the AHK account you will be asked for a passport photo. Please upload a recent passport photo less than 1 year old.

It is important to immediately activate the AHK account and email address after registration and to log in and view the email daily, because all communication takes place via MyAHK. Everyone is expected to be aware of this.

NOTE: Parents / guardians are expected to regularly read the AHK email! No emails will be sent to private email addresses of parents. AHK mail can be forwarded to your private mail, instructions on how to do this can be found on the intranet myAHK.

MyAHK gives you access to:

Start page
Logging in through the address takes you to the start page of MyAHK. This is a partly personalised website that combines information from various sources. You can see immediately the latest e-mails you have received and the latest news and announcements. It also gives you access to the ATD (Academy of Theatre and Dance) schedules, through the programme Asimut.

Schedules ATD
All up to date timetables can be found in the program called ‘Asimut’ that you’ll find under ‘schedules Asimut’. Next to viewing the timetables online, there are some screens (touchscreens) present in the building where you can also find the timetables.

Each student enrolled at the AHK and each member of staff has their own personal e-mail address. All the communication from the AHK, the faculty and the school takes place through this e-mail address. Parents and pupils/students are expected to use this address and check it regularly.

For all problems and malfunctions regarding the AHK account, or if you haven’t received an email to activate your AHK account, please contact the helpdesk via  or 020 527 77 52

Central Student Administration (CSA)  - In the main building ATD

The CSA will be sending out all invoices when it comes to tuition fees, medical fees and Teaching Material Fee. They can also help you with your visa application. You can direct all your questions regarding payment of fees and visa to the following email address