If a student has gained 60 study credits for subjects followed during the first year, the propaedeutic exam has been successfully completed and the student receives their propaedeutic diploma. 

The Negative Binding Study Recommendation (NBSA)
At the end of the propaedeutic phase, every student is advised regarding the continuation of their study. Such an advice may contain an unlimited dismissal. Such a dismissal is known as a negatief bindend studieadvies (negative binding study recommendation or nbsa). A nbsa may be given if a student’s study results are not up to standard and the committee of examiners/evaluation meeting are not sufficiently convinced that the student is capable of successfully completing the study programme.

Prior to the negative binding study recommendation the student will be warned in writing no later than February1st of the current study year. If a significant slump in study results prompts a written warning after February 1st, it will be issued no later than 8 weeks before the final evaluation so that the student still has time for improvement.

The dismissal is binding (definite) for an unlimited time. This means that a student cannot register for the same bachelor study programme at Academy of Theatre and Dance. In exceptional cases the dismissal may be overturned if the student in question applies for admission to another specialization and the directorate of this specialization, possibly after an audition, is convinced that the student could complete their study successfully. 

Suspension of Binding Study Recommendation
If a student fails to pass the propaedeutic exam within one year due to personal circumstances (as specified in the Onderwijs- en Examenregeling), the artistic director, acting on the advice of the study directorate and after hearing advice from the student counselor, can decide to suspend the binding study recommendation. In such cases the student in question repeats the first year programme or embarks on the second year.

If a student due to personal circumstances repeats the first year, binding study recommendation is suspended untill the assessment at the end of that year. If the student is admitted to the second year, the artistic director decides, as part of the imposed study recommendation suspension, if the definite study recommendation will be issued at the end of the first or second semester.
A student who through personal circumstances is unable to follow classes sufficiently or threatens to fall behind in their studies must inform the artistic director and seek the help of the student counselor as soon as this occurs in order to appeal for a suspension of study recommendation due to personal circumstances at the end of the first year.

More information about the regulations of the extended propaedeuse and the nbsa can be found in the OER (Onderwijs en Examenregeling) Education and Exam Regulations of Academy of Theatre and Dance, available to students on intranet. For further questions students can also contact student counselor Timon Hagen: timon.hagen@ahk.nl or 020 - 527 76 37