The aim of the propaedeutic phase (the first year of the study programme) is one of mutual orientation. The student can orientate himself/herself extensively with regard to the study programme and the contemporary professional dance field. It also becomes apparent during this phase if the student is able to cope mentally and physically with the arduous daily training and – partly with a view towards professional prospects – can summon up the necessary discipline.

The student follows daily contemporary and classical dance lessons and becomes acquainted with a number of elementary practical and theoretical aspects of his/her future profession. Instruction is mostly on a practical basis. The aspirant dancer works continually to develop his/her own dance skills, especially with regard to modern, contemporary dance. In addition, all first year students are expected make a solo performance.

During the first year, teachers have the opportunity to assess if students have the potential to become contemporary dancers who meet the demands set by the study programme. Study prolongation depends on to which extent a student has mastered the subject competencies that comprise the first year study material. A student will receive a propaedeutic certificate at the end of the first year and may continue his/her study, if his/her integral assessment is positive and the necessary 60 study credits have been attained.