The National Competencies of the Performing Dancer formulate the skills that the student graduating from the Modern Theatre Dance Program should possess. They are supplemented by the qualifications that guide and direct the program and assessment. 

Education is designed to instill these competencies. In the course of the program the level of lessons and the complexity of the assignments is increased so that students graduate at the required level and have sufficiently mastered the competencies.

Competency 1 - Creative ability:
The graduate is able to give meaning to choreographic work from their own artistic vision.

Competency 2 - Crafting ability:
The graduate applies broad instrumental skills and knowledge professionally in their work.

Competency 3 - Investigative and reflective ability:
Through research and reflection, the graduate arrives at insight and knowledge for his functioning as a professional and can apply it in artistic and social contexts.

Competency 4 - Ability to grow and innovate:     
The graduate is able to continuously develop and deepen his artistry and working methods and, in doing so, contributes to the development of the professional field and society.

Competency 5 - Entrepreneurial and organizing ability:
The graduate can shape his ambitions effectively in an interdisciplinary and (inter)national working field.

Competency 6 - Communicative ability:
The graduate is capable of effective interaction within diverse professional contexts.

Competency 7 - Ability to cooperate:
The graduate contributes constructively from his position to the realization of an artistic product or process.

Behavioral indicators
Download the behavioral indicators matrix here.