Second Phase, Specialisation : Year 3

Entering the second phase in the year 3, students should be ready for an experience that reflects more closely what they  will encounter in the work-field. They are invited to make more personal choices for their training programme. They commit to a smaller range of daily technique classes relevant to their artistic goals, while they still take part in collective creation projects. The focus shifts to defining their personal vision for their internship year and preparing for auditions, workshops, interviews etc. accordingly
They participate in three creation processes which further expands their creative and stage experience: self-created duets connecting dance and text, one interdisciplinary creation with guest artists in collaboration with WHY NOT festival, and one creation of new work by a guest choreographer.
Third year projects, accompanied by theoretical modules also orient students in regards to the business side of the dance profession, i.e. production process, contracts, subsidy and publicity and Fair Practice code.
The third year is thus focused on a students personal orientation towards professional practice and their own individual artistic development through increased independence and self-responsibility.