Dance technical instruction places emphasis on developing classical and contemporary dance technique. Teachers adhere to a platform of teaching encompassing a synthesis of French and Russian techniques. This makes the subject matter compatible with the demands of contemporary, western ballet ensembles. 

The most important goal of the technique lessons is to help the dancer attain a sense of harmony with his body so that he can perform all movements with a natural coordination of the body as a whole. With a thoroughly incorporated technique as basis, the dancer can concentrate fully on interpreting the choreography. Instruction is given in groups. The teacher employs different work forms, including demonstration, instruction, analysis, side-coaching, rehearsal and presentation. The classical dance teachers supervise the students, both individually and collectively during the dance technical learning process. 

Dance students are continually assessed as well as during presentations and dedicated exams. Progress is evaluated at least twice-a-year. The exams  are evaluated by a committee of at least two teachers and the artistic director. For exam lessons, the committee is augmented with members of the artistic directorate of Dutch National Ballet and artistic directors of the other major Dutch dance ensembles such as Nederlands Dans Theater, Scapino Rotterdam and Introdans. The assessment gauges a student’s technique, musicality, coordination, development, work attitude, dedication and insight. Students are also advised about their career perspectives on the basis of findings by an expert from the professional field. The student receives written confirmation of the evaluation results along with a motivation. In addition, each student meets with the artistic director for a 20 minute feedback consultation concerning his results. 

Two evaluation meetings will be held, one in December and one in the Spring. Lesson blocks will also be given by guest teachers and concluded ad interim with an observation lesson, a written evaluation and/or an oral feedback session.