Visits to General Rehearsals of Dutch National Ballet productions 
All students attend the dress rehearsals of all production of Het Nationale Ballet. These performances are free of charge and are part of the curriculum and are mandatory to attend.  
There are certain house rules to which all students must comply: 

  • All students are required to behave in a calm and professional manner showing respect to the performing artists.
  • Cellphones are turned off throughout the entire performance.
  • All students must be present at the entrance of the theatre at least 30 minutes before the start of the performance to collect the entrance ticket from one of the teachers.
  • Under no circumstances it is allowed  for students to bring guests, friends or family members to the dress rehearsal.
  • Coats and bags should always be placed at the wardrobe and may not be taken inside the theatre.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the theatre. 

Participation in productions of Dutch National Ballet 
Students may be asked to participate in productions of Het Nationale Ballet.  These opportunities will bring essential stage experience and are a perfect chance for the students to present themselves at the company.  
Performances might take place during the holidays and students can be called upon last minute. 
Students are strongly advised to book flight tickets home as late as possible, and only after consulting the artistic director. 

HNB performance protocol Dutch National Ballet Academy. 

  • You are required to be available by (Dutch!) mobile telephone on the day of a performance whether you are on the performance cast list for that day or not.
  • You must inform HNB of your Dutch! telephone number and/or any change of telephone number.
  • You must have the HNB contact telephone numbers in your own telephone.
  • All mail from HNB will be addressed to your AHK account. You must look at it on a daily basis.
  • When all personal information, telephone numbers etc. have been received by HNB you will be given a guest pass for the theatre.
  • You are required to be in the theatre at least one hour before the start of the performance.
  • You must sign in on the list next to the stage door.
  • When performances fall in the weekend you must take company class before the performance when you are in a dancing role.
  • If you are required to be at a studio/stage rehearsal both in the afternoon and the evening on the same day during the weekend, you will be given a meal voucher for the theatre canteen.
  • Girls will receive pink tights when needed for the performance. Remember to prepare  your pointe shoes well in advance so that you always have the right ones for each performance.
  • Girls will receive pointe shoes from Het Nationale Ballet for the performances if needed and in consultation with the HNB costume department.
  • You will be asked to go for a fitting at the costume department on the 4th floor for each production that you are in. Never miss a fitting and always be on time.
  • If you are sick/injured: Monday to Saturday ring Sara, Taneesha, or Louise on 0614611763 (Louise) / 0614609380 (Sara / Taneesha) BEFORE 10.00 a.m. Also phone when you have recovered BEFORE 10.00 a.m. On performance days in the weekend phone 020 5518000 which is the number of the reception desk at the stage door, ask to be put through to Sara or Louise; if this is not possible leave a very clear message. Please enter these phone numbers into your phone!! 0614611763 / 0614609380 and 020 551 8000
  • Always remember you are a guest in the theatre and you are representing the National Ballet Academy. Your behavior and demeanor will be noticed and could affect your future.