Teacher; Marion Vijn

Study year and duration
AD1 and AD2

Study load
AD1: 5 blocks
90 minutes lesson once a week

Weekly homework in the form of (written) assignments, including working on a knowledge test in block 1, writing a graduation plan in block 3, having a CV ready in block 5. (20 hours in total.)

Contribution to the competences
3. Problem-solving ability
4. Communicative Ability
5. Ability to grow and develop
6. Ability to Collaborate

Short summary of the content
The aim of the Tutoring lessons is that students learn to reflect, become aware of what is required of a professional dancer and how they can proactively shape their own development into a future dance artist.
In these lessons, the student discovers how to prepare as best as possible for an existence in the national and/or international dance world. In addition, the student experiences the process of developing into a dance artist as consciously and self-directed as possible; this relates to all areas of learning except the technical dance/performance area.

Concrete learning objectives
The student:

  • is aware of the OER, competences (learning objectives of the programme/NBA) and subject descriptions.
  • is/becomes self-conscious, believes in one's own authenticity, seeks one's own strength and is able to use it with conviction.
  • remains curious about their own growth and development process as a dance student/dancer and actively experiences this process with insight and confidence.
  • is able to reflect on own development and to use these reflections in future situations, whether or not in the dance studio.
  • acquires knowledge of the national and international professional field (including by conducting research at various dance companies.
  • can create a resume according to the requirements of the work field.

Method(s) used
-  In a classroom context, actively participate in conversations
-  Watch videos in class and at home
-  Create group assignments in class and at home
-  Doing research on the internet, in books (at home)
-  Create writing assignments (home)
-  Have one-on-one conversations with the teacher
-  Learning materials that have been distributed are used for studying and processing.

Used study material (specialist literature, cases, assignments, videos, etc.)
-  The Education and Examination Regulations (OER)
-  The list of competences for ballet dancer (NBA / ATD)
-  Reviews
-  Visit performance (dance, art) videos
-  Professional literature
-  NBA/ATD Study Guide
-  Attend live lectures / attend online
-  Podcasts

Assessment method
-  Knowledge test about the OER, the competencies and the course descriptions.
-  Writing a graduation plan
-  Create a resume;

Assessment criteria
3) 3, 4
4) 1, 2
5) 1, 2, 3, 4
6) 1, 3, 4