Teacher; Jurgen Paulusma, Leila Kester

Year, duration
AD1, AD 2

Study load (weekly)
3x 60 minutes

Contribution to competencies
1. Creative ability
2. Technical capability
3. Problem-solving ability
5. Ability to grow and develop

Brief description of the content
These courses are aimed at strengthening the students and providing (individual) tools to improve their classical education and other subjects.

Learning goals
The student:

  • develop additional tools and knowledge to improve their classical technique training.
  • develops skills to minimize injuries.
  • provides insight into their own needs and requirements for their bodies.

the student learns additional techniques in groups and individually

Study material (specialist literature, case studies, assignments, videos, etc.)
Balls, weights, benches, gym equipment, etc.

Assessment method
These topics are not graded

Assessment criteria
Not judged

Improves insight and provides tools that match all other topics