The student can ask every teacher at any moment for feedback on their/her/his artistic development. The mentor will always be ready to give feedback. For the making of their assessed performance the student will ask a personal advisor to give feedback on concept, process, performance. Feedback on a SNDO Friday Afternoon will be given on request of the student.

The Re-view sessions
On the occasion of each performance programme a person from the work field (usually a curator, programmer, artistic director but also a writer, editor, critic, artist, etc.) is invited to witness the programmes of one of the year groups and afterwards engage in the feedback session with the students. These are the so-called ‘re- view sessions’, offering a possibility to, in a collective setting, re-look at the works and unfold the resonances.

The aim of these sessions is multiple: to get the artists (students) to learn how is their work being looked at and talked about; to let the curators/theoreticians/writers engage with the students work and explorations prior to them seeping into the field; to develop together discourses on choreography and performance and to situate these (discourses and performances) in different contextual matrices.

After the re-view session student has to submit the re-view package. These documents form an assessed paper for students of the SNDO 1 & 2. For the students of the SNDO 3 & 4 the re-view package is part of the performance evaluation.

Re-view assessment documents package
One week after the re-view session SNDO administrator, mentor and artistic director should receive from the student the following documents:

- critical self-reflection on the piece (what was intention and where student arrived, how was the process, which questions opened up during the work and what are possible next steps)
- cleaned notes from the re-view session
- reflection on the re-view feedback received
- adviser report (from 2nd year on) - mentor report (from 2nd year on)

Each of these documents need to have clearly marked:

- sort of the report (e.g.: Adviser report, Self-reflection, Mentor report, Re-view notes (mentioning the name of the student who took notes) or Re-view feedback reflection.)
- name of the student
- year group
- name of the mentor
- name of the adviser(s)
- title of the piece
- dates of the piece (from-to / month / year)

For practical reasons student should send the package containing all the documents at once (in one email). The loose emails/reports do not enter student’s dossier and may affect the awarded credits.