• The study is concluded with a discussion between the student, the artistic director and one or more lecturers (who together form the graduation committee).
  • The development of the student during the study (partly in connection with the essay)
  • The performance standard of the student (in relation to the competences and the standard in the professional field);
  • The future plans and expectations of the student

If a graduating student meets all requirements and has obtained 240 credits (including the exemptions), he/she is eligible for a BA Dance Diploma Teacher Classical Ballet.

Exemption and resit final exam
It is determined on the basis of the individual study path whether a student has mastered the required competencies and meets the final qualifications. In practice, this means that students can complete their studies in one year.
If one or more components of the study have not been successfully completed, the graduation committee/evaluation meeting decides on an extension of the graduation phase or a resit and also determines what such a resit or extension entails. The resit of the final exam or an extension of the training is only granted once and must be successfully completed within one year.
More information about resitting the final exam can be found in the Education and Examination Regulations of the Academy of Theater and Dance, also available to students on the intranet.
For further questions, students can also contact the student counsellor: Barbara de Boer (1st year), Kris Dekkers (from 2nd year) (replacements Timon Hagen), dean Academy of Theatre and Dance. 
E-mail: decaan.atd@ahk.nl  of 020 - 527 76 37.