All students are required to attend the dress rehearsals of all Dutch National Ballet productions, unless otherwise communicated. These performances are free and are part of the curriculum. There are certain house rules that all students must adhere to:

  • All students are required to behave calmly and professionally with respect for the performing artists.
  • Mobile phones are switched off during the entire performance.
  • All students must be present at the entrance of the theater at least 30 minutes before the start of the performance to collect the entrance ticket from one of the teachers.
  • Under no circumstances is it allowed for students to bring guests, friends or relatives to the dress rehearsal.
  • Coats and bags must always be placed at the cloakroom and may not be taken inside.
  • Eating and drinking is not allowed in the theatre.

Use of social media
As opportunities to share experiences with changing technologies expand, we want to remind employees, students and families of their and our responsibilities for privacy, respect and discretion.
We ask staff, students and families to observe the following:
Use your common sense and your courtesy: for example, ask permission from an Artistic staff member if you are allowed to publish or report anything related to the school.
Be careful not to violate the privacy of the NBA or that of its staff, pupils, students, and employees. The NBA does not allow photos and/or filming of pupils and students, especially when in class, in studios or rehearsing on stage. Sometimes the artistic staff allows parents to take photos at the end of class - these photos should not be shared publicly - and parents should be reminded that posting photos publicly on social media sites (including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, etc.) not only violates NBA privacy laws, but also international privacy laws. Sharing footage with friends and family online is acceptable and does not require permission from the NBA. It is not the intention of the NBA to curb students' enthusiasm for sharing their achievements, but rather to ensure that we honor and respect the proper content creators and rights holders. For example, photographing and filming lessons, rehearsals, performances, etc. violates the rights of the NBA. Failure to comply with the policies outlined above compromises the NBA's ability to keep the children safe. As technology and regulations continue to evolve, the NBA will continue to monitor and adjust this policy as necessary.