Year, duration 
AD 1

AD 2

Study load (weekly) 
AD1: 5 blocks - 1x per week 90 minutes class
AD 2: 5 blocks - 1x per week 60 minutes class

Weekly homework in the form of (written or otherwise) assignments, including working towards a knowledge test in block 1, writing a Graduation Plan in block 3, having a CV ready in
block 5.
(20 hours in total.)

Builds these competencies
3. Problem Solving Skills
4. Communicative Skills
5. Capacity for growth and innovation4
6. Collaborative skills

Course content 
The purpose of the meetings under the heading of Study Guidance is that the student learns to reflect, becomes aware of what is required of a professional dancer and how she / he can proactively shape his own development into a future dance artist. . The emphasis in these lessons is on discovering how the student can prepare himself as well as possible for an existence in the national and / or international dance world and experiences the process of developing into a dance artist as consciously as possible and self-managing; this relates to all kinds of areas except for the dance-technical / performance area.

Learning objectives 

  • Knowing the OER, competencies (learning objectives of the program / NBA) and subject descriptions.
  • Become/remain self-aware, believe in your own authenticity, look for your own strength and use it with conviction.
  • Remain curious about your own growth and development process as a dance student/dancer and actively experience this process with insight and confidence.
  • Able to reflect on their own development and to use these reflections in future situations, whether or not in the studio.
  • The student acquires knowledge of the national and international professional field (among other things by conducting research into various dance companies).
  • The student can make a CV according to the requirements of the professional field.

Working methods

  • In a classroom context, actively participate in, and conduct conversations
  • Watching videos in class and at home
  • Make group assignments in class and at home
  • Doing research on the internet, in books (at home)
  • Make writing assignments (at home)
  • Have one-on-one conversations with the teacher
  • Learning / processing teaching materials that have been handed out

Study material (specialist literature, case histories, assignments, videos, etc.)

  • Het Onderwijs Examen Regelement (OER)
  • The list of competencies for ballet dancer (NBA / ATD)
  • Reviews
  • Visit performances
  • (dance, art) videos
  • Professional literature
  • Study guide of the NBA / ATD
  • Attend live lectures / attend online
  • Podcasts

Assessment method

  • Knowledge test on the OER, competences and course descriptions.
    (Test format: multiple choice questions and open questions)
  • Writing a graduation plan: criteria in attachment.
  • Create a resume; is assessed as “satisfactory” when the CV is submitted according to objective requirements on the assignment.

Assessment criteria 
3) 3, 4

4) 1, 2
5) 1, 2, 3, 4
6) 1, 3, 4