The Dutch National Ballet Academy has a uniform policy for classes and rehearsals. Students are required to wear their uniform in all classes and rehearsals. It is not permitted for students to wear jewellery during classes and rehearsals. Small earring studs are permitted. When traveling to and from the Dutch National Ballet students are required to wear outdoor clothing covering their dancewear. 
Students who do not comply with the rules concerning uniform may be removed from class and/or rehearsal. All students are required to wear clean dancewear and take proper care of their personal hygiene (also when attending costume fittings).
The school dancewear representative is Ms. Jane Lord who can be contacted via .
Wear Moi offers a 20% discount for NBA students on all dancewear.
Wear Moi is represented in The Netherlands by DJANGO DANCE WEAR, by Mr Frank Pfaffen. -

A list of the uniform requirements will be given after admission to the school.