First Phase, Solid Base: Years 1 and 2

The first phase of two years offers a solid base to students to develop their understanding of their own bodies, to gain insight into their potential, to develop discipline and solid work-habits, to develop their autonomy and creativity, alone and in the group.  

The students receive training in several types of dance and performance techniques, body practices and related theoretical and contextual knowledge.  They have the opportunity to improve their technical skills by training movement memory, gaining clarity and precision, building somatic awareness, expanding their dance vocabulary, and start gaining depth and nuance. They are also invited to challenge their world view and reflect on how their personal dance experience is evolving and how it connects with social and cultural frames within and outside of dance. 

They also gain an understanding of choreographic composition and dramaturgy from the point of view of both co-creative and interpretative involvement of the dance performer. 

Next to regular technical and somatic training,the first two years are organised in blocks each with its own particular focus.  
Crucial parts of the programme are creations and student projects.  

In the first year, students participate in one creation with professional choreographers and work on two collaborative student projects. 

In the second year, students realise a creation with a guest artists,take part in creations by fellow students of the bachelor programme in choreography - SNDO and they develop a solo project of their own. 
These projects provide opportunities to perform in different frameworks.