Naam docent/begeleider
Grainne Delaney

Periode, duur
MTD 3, block 1, 4 weeks, 12 classes of 3 hours

36 contact hours, 4 self study

Bijdrage aan de competenties
Creative potential, Craftmanship, Investigative and reflective abilities, Potential for growth and innovation,Communicative ability, Collaborative ability, 

Korte samenvatting van de inhoud
Students work with voice and text to take control of their vocal presence on stage. We work on understanding the actor’s tool box to generate and select options for performance

Concrete leerdoelen

1.The student will be able to lead and follow a 20 minute voice warm up

2.The student will be able to analyse any tekst for meaning

3.The student will be able to apply different actor’s tools from a variety of disciplines such as Method Acting, Process Orientation, Lee Strasburg and Susuki to generate performance options

4.The student will form vocabulary to articulate their artistic process around choices made for performance

5.The student will be able to identify stronger choices for performance in connection to agreed group themes

Gebruikte werkvorm(en)

The student follows a process that works with group dynamics and individual skills. 

Each workshop is divided into group warm ups with themes and followed by discussion and individual assignments to apply to their individually chosen text, finally culminating with a ‘work-in-progress’ presentation.

Individual tekst is curated and arranged into a directed Group performance.

Students are required to keep a process journal to document class notes and articulate their individual artistic choices and journey.

Gebruikt studiemateriaal (vakliteratuur, cases, opdrachten, video’s etc.)
Tekst from Shakespeare, Dramaturg, Director or Poet. A different Author is chosen by Facilitator every year, with a different theme chosen by the Group 

Wijze van toetsvorm
A Presentation of work is given at the end of each course with an audience invited to give response and feedback in Q&A.

Students are required to submit a Written Assessment that documents their Artistic process, with evidence of material submitted from their Process Journals


I,1,2,4; II,3,4; III,1,2,3,4,6; VI,1,2,4; VI,1,2; VII2,3,4

Opmerkingen over bijvoorbeeld samenhang en volgtijdelijke eisen in het licht van het totale programma of andere opmerkingen This course is linked to the Workshop ‘Physicality of Voice’/’Voice & Movement’ given in Block 2 in collaboration with choreographer Liat Waysbort, where we build on the language and landscape of sound, text and movement