Title course:
Composition+Duet MTD 2

Name teacher:
Liat Waysbort

MTD 2, blok 1+2, 5 weeks,  3 meetings of 2 hours per week+ coaching duets over 5/6 weeks  

Study load:
30 contact hours, 30 hours extra studyload duet  

Contributes tot he following competences:
Creative Potential,
Reflective and investigative abilities,
Potential for Growth and innovation,
Communicative ability,
Collaborative ability.

Content of the subject
In this subject the student learns to use compositional tools in order to create their upcoming duets and furthermore to be able to collaborate actively in creative processes with makers/choreographers.

Concrete learning goals  
The student:

  1. Has gathered and worked with compositional and movement research skills and tools to create material for new creations.
  2. Shows the capacity to make choices in the skills and tools that are most applicable for the given tasks.
  3. Can give to and receive from feedback their peerstudents and teacher.
  4. Shows an insight in their own work, how to create and how to make choices.
  5. Takes actively part in discussions and peertalks realted to composition and creative processes.

Work forms:  
tasks, assignments, individual-groupwork, (peer)feedback/advice/discussions

Adviced literature:
A choreographers Handbook - Jonathan Burrows, The creative Habit - Twyla Tharp,The art of making dances – Doris Humphry, Thee intimate act of choreography – Blom/Chaplin, The eclactic body -Bales/Nettl-Fiol, Exhausting dance - Lepecki Evaluated on: attendance, participation, constant feedback, peer discussions, presentation, process of creating duet and performance.

Evalution criteria:
I. 1,2,3,4;
II. 3,4;
III. 1,2,3,4;
IV. 1,2;
VI. 2;

Connection within the program:
This subject is a follow up of first year improvisation, explorartion, movement research, contact improvisation,  their own work: Solo, creation with professional choreographer. It further connects tot he creation processes that will follow (MTD 2 and MTD 3), 3formtd  (MTD 2 collaboration SNDO 3), third year project(MTD 3)