Naam docent/begeleider:
Tamara Beudeker+ Guest teacher

duur 5 blocks of 6 weeks: 6 contact- hours per week

180 contact hours 

Bijdrage aan de competenties:
Creative potential, Craftmanship, Investigative and reflective abilities, Communicative ability, Collaborative ability

Korte samenvatting van de inhoud:
In this class, we practise at the barre and in the centre the basic physical principles of the classical technique. Such as: Lengtening, rotation, coordination, jumps, adagio, turns, port de bras, alignment, opposition, musicality, dynamics and orientation in space.

Concrete leerdoelen:
The student
Knows basic French terminology by heart.
Can memorize and demonstrate the given exercises.
Can execute the exercises with their individuality in a performative way.

Gebruikte werkvorm(en):
Training, peer feedback, reflection and analysis. 

Gebruikt studiemateriaal:
Barre and pianist.

Wijze van beoordeling:
Participation, verbal feedback, evaluation forms twice a year, presentation class.

I, 1,2,4;
II, 1,2,3,5;
III, 1,2,3;
VI, 1,2;
VII, 1,2,4

Class is suitable for all first years students. In case the student has no experience with classical training, he/ she is encouraged to read literature about the basic steps and practice them at home/ outside school to catch up. This class will be followed by classes classical dance in the second and third year of the education