SNDO is embedded within the universe of Academy of Theatre and Dance, sharing the building and resources with 12 different BA departments and support services. At any given day there are hundreds of students at work besides the same amount of teachers, guest artists and staff. The SNDO itself is an environment where our allocated resources are at all times shared amongst 35-38 individual makers. This requires not only fierce logistics and fair distribution of resources (studios, budgets, time and attention) on the behalf of SNDO, but also maturity, collegiality and communal consciousness of each of the students.

One seemingly banal, yet pertinent issue as an example: throughout the years we learned that it’s obvious and natural for everyone to expect to enter a clean studio, however it seems to escape the imagination that cleaning and clearing the studio each time after one is finished with a class, rehearsal, presentation, festival, etc. is the only way to have the studios ready for others to use. Everyone’s efforts at keeping an eye not only on own creations but also on the general environment and vibes is not only appreciated but a necessary resource and precondition for a thriving community.