The SNDO provides educational platform to artists who want to develop their professional practice and work in the filed field of choreography, dance and performance making. The programme fosters experimentation and critical (self)reflection and guides students to develop own artistic practice as well as to contribute to development of and in the dance field at large.

A choreographer trained at the SNDO - School for New Dance Development who receives a BA –Bachelor of Arts – Choreography diploma:

- is capable to research and develop concepts for performance work and has the ability to develop structures and strategies for the making of a coherent performance/ performative art/choreographic work (I, II, III, IV)*
- has the ability to draw on knowledge as well as the intuition during the creation process (I, II)
- can research and develop movement material in the creation process (I, III, IV)
- has insight and basic knowledge in the areas of performance production skills: can function as a choreographer; from their position contributes constructively to the realization of an art work and/or process (II, V, VI, VII)
- is aware and is capable of articulating the aesthetic, social and historical implications of the work in the context of the dance and performance field, as well as culture at large (III, VI)
- can shape their ambitions in an interdisciplinary and (inter)national work field (IV, V, VI, VII)
- is able to interact within a wide range of professional contexts (V, VI, VII)

*Bracketed numbers relate to the Dutch Professional Profile Dance - Competences of the Dance Study Programmes 2017