Naam docent/begeleider
Vivianne Rodrigues de Brito

Periode, duur
Year 3, block 2  – 4 weeks 

6 contact hours per week, 0 self-study hours per week

Bijdrage aan de competenties 
Artistic Domain
Vision (1)
Creative Potential (4)
Communicative Ability (6)
Technical Domain
Analytical Ability (7,8)
Expertise (11,12)
Professional Social Domain
Learning Ability (20)
Reflective Ability (21)

Korte samenvatting van de inhoud
Students will learn to employ contact improvisation as a point of departure for instant composition. They will enhance their capacity for perception, imagination, intuition, inhibition and action, becoming able to constantly read and respond to their own bodies, to their partner’s bodies and to the composition itself.

Concrete leerdoelen

  1. Are able to create, compose and perform all at the same time, exposing themselves with clear intent and full presence.
  2. Understand different layers of composition such as use of space, phrasing, rhythm, timing, atmosphere and dramaturgy (how it starts, how it develops and how it ends).
  3. Know complex lifts and their stages.
  4. Acquire insights into the different perspectives of a dancer and audience by watching others and being watched while dancing.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to analyze and to give peer-feedback based on the principles taught in the classes.

Gebruikte werkvorm(en)
Training, peer teaching and feedback, improvisation, exploration and reflection.

Gebruikt studiemateriaal
Imagery and scores.

Wijze van beoordeling
Teacher’s evaluation and participation.

Attendance, working attitude (20), physical and artistic development (1, 4, 7, 8, insight and communication. (6, 21)

Opmerkingen over bijvoorbeeld samenhang en volgtijdelijke eisen in het licht van het totale programma of andere opmerkingen.
Students are encouraged to incorporate elements of previous courses of Contact Improvisation, composition and improvisation