Name of teacher / supervisor
Liat Waysbort

Period, duration
Year 2, block 2

Study load
6 hours/week

1, 2, 3, 4

We are our instrument; in this practice we aim to achieve maximal awarness and use of our full potential.

Content and design of the class
We will be practicing the following:

  1. The constant movement – constant activity ; action – motion
  2. The technological body– technical, skilled, controlled body
  3. The total performer – Synchronisity of physicality and state (intention)
  4. The Lively bodies – increasing experiences and awarness while moving
  5. Connection and connectivity

Constructing and di-constructing patterns (of learned movement) and connection in action
Constracting and di-contructing connectivity and relations in the body (The flaxuation of relation between body parts acitivity in learned movement)
Active – passive relation
The cross fade: Linear timeline (horizontal -The sensorila) – Multi tasking (Vertical- Connectivity)
Pre informed – real time flow of information

Learning goals

  1. plays / dances ....In a more concious and economic way.
  2. Is able to make a decision on HOW to perform the movement or the sequence so it is not an automatised action. They dance in variety of flow, efforts, dynamics and impulses.
  3. shows a better control over their bodies and the possibility to be conscious of their activity and energy.
  4. shows that they are able to coordinate their body within a total body action but also in connectivity and in various body parts. They are more aware of their environment, the spatial context of their movement and the personal/general kinesphere.
  5. The student is in better shape (cardio) and able to carry longer sequences of dance and information.
  6. shows that they connect to a place of pleasure in their practice and are eager to push their boundaries even more.
  7. A student after this block is capable of working on inner and outer focus at the same time. Discover the deepest working layers and organic anatomical structure and capabilities of one’s body. She/he is able to work out of thinking and planning and not only by repetition,and able to work and navigate between the feeling of failure to success in a productive way.

Working method(s) used
assignments, tasks, training, peer feedback, exploration,

Used study material
Texts, videos Assessment criteria: attendence, participation, permanent feedback, presentation, self evaluation, evaluation Students are assessed in regards to the class learning goals and their personal development trajectory.

Method of assessment
Presentation of theory assignment, repertory and creative work.
Self-assessment through a process document.
Continuous feedback and feedforward from the teacher.

Learning goals in the class contribute to the overall development of the competency indicators:
The development of the student in regards to the overall competency indicators will be assessed at integral assessment meetings through combined self-assessment and assessment by teachers, coaches and mentors.

This course forms a continuous line with the (NAME) course(s) in