The second, third and fourth year form the main phase of the study programme. A student who has successfully completed the propaedeutic exam, as well as a student who has been issued a suspended study recommendation, has access to the main phase. The main phase aims to train students to become contemporary dancers at a professional level (with proficiency in the competencies set by the study programme). After the propaedeutic phase, more attention is devoted to a student’s personal development and self-responsibility. Gaining stage experience is also a priority. The second year focuses on applying knowledge and skills and developing students’ creativity. To that end they are asked to produce a duet in collaboration with third-year students of the School for New Dance Development (Bachelor of Choreography) and to realize a number of new choreographies. After successfully completing the second year and obtaining a total of 120 credits (respectively 60 for the first year / propaedeutic phase and 60 for the second year / main phase), the student will be admitted to the graduation phase (3rd and 4th years).