1. House rules framework

The AHK regulations apply; these include the student statute, integrity code, behavioural code for social safety, complaints regulation for undesirable behaviour and ICT user rules. They can be consulted on MyAHK and ahk.nl

2.Education participation

•  The student is obliged to follow the prescribed study programme

•  The student is only allowed to follow lessons for which he/she has been registered.      Deviation from this rule is only allowed after permission from the directorate.

In certain cases students from outside the study programme can take part in lessons. The study programme directorate decides on the admission and participation of these students and is obliged to inform the relevant teacher(s) and year group(s) in good time. Agreements are made with these (guest) students about the costs and duration of participating in lessons and the rules that apply. 


In the event of sickness, a student must call the secretariat of the study programme  before 9.00 hrs to excuse the absence or follow the procedure prescribed by the study programme. Also when a student leaves the school during the day because of sickness, the student must report this to the secretariat; also on resuming lessons after sickness.

In case of prolonged illness or injury, a student must contact the artistic director of the study programme so that arrangements can be made. 

4.Permitted absence

For incidental absence with a valid reason (for example: personal or family circumstances, a doctor’s appointment or in some cases an audition or workshop) a student can ask the study programme for a declaration of excused absence. Such a declaration is only granted if requested on time and with written approval of the artistic director. The student is responsible for obtaining a declaration of excused absence. Excused absence counts as attendance.

Students with an injury should attend lessons to observe but only if the nature of their injury allows this. This counts as attendance. Open wounds must be covered with plasters or a bandage. Together with the artistic director it will be determined which lessons a student can actively attend and which lessons could be obliged to attend, if necessary in consultation with the Health & Performance department.

5. Arriving too late and absence from lessons

For all lessons the rule applies that whoever arrives late cannot participate in the lesson but may be asked to stay and observe. Arriving too late counts as being absent unless the student has a good reason (to be judged by the teacher). The same applies for arriving too late for a rehearsal which may also have consequences for participating in a performance, project or production.

If, during a block of lessons or project it transpires that a student, without valid reason has already missed too many lessons or meetings to be able to comply with the participation norm (90% and in exceptional cases 70% with justifiable causes), the teacher cannot assess a student. For more information on this subject, see the Education and Exam Regulations.

The teacher responsible for the supervision of the lesson block or project in question can ask the artistic director to bar the student from further participation. Before taking a decision, the artistic director will hear both sides. If the teacher’s request is upheld, the student will be barred from taking part in the block of lessons or project and will be informed of this decision in writing.

6.Exclusion from participating in education 

Students, teachers and staff members are together responsible for the quality of education at the Academy for Theatre and Dance. It is important that everyone is committed and takes responsibility for their role in the education process and the organization. 

If a student through their behaviour, remarks or repeated unauthorized absence, disrupts the progress of his/her own learning process or that of their fellow students, they will be called to account by the directorate. More information about possible sanctions and the accompanying procedures can be found in the Education and Exam Regulation.

Students who run into trouble or who want to appeal such an injunction with the Academy of Theatre and Dance are strongly advised to first contact the student counsellor, Timon Hagen at timon.hagen@ahk.nl or tel: 020 527 7637.

7.Working in conjunction with school 

Working outside school during lessons a student is expected to attend is not allowed in principle except during periods of internship. In all other cases the student must ask prior permission from the artistic director. In order to gain the diploma, it is important for a student to complete all study components with a positive result.

In some cases a substitute assignment or additional assignments will be set or an individual learning track can be determined in which all components are readdressed. For this last alternative permission from the exam committee is required.

8Lesson attire

•   At the beginning of the study year, students will be informed which clothes and shoes they should buy. It is advisable to consult with the relevant teacher before purchasing points for ballet or tap dance shoes. 

Students will be allocated a locker at the beginning of the year in which they can store their belongings. 


•  Students, teachers and staff must be familiar with the ARBO and the safety protocol as it applies at the ATD.

Students, teachers and staff are together responsible for each other’s safety and that of spectators. Students must therefore abstain from all activities that could endanger their own safety or that of others. 

In consultation with the artistic director and the Theatre Technique Department, potentially hazardous situations can be inventorized and agreements made to contain them. 

It is the duty of a student and teacher to be on the alert and report dangerous behaviour by others. 

10Classrooms and materials 

•  If a student, teacher or staff member has reserved a classroom but due to a change in plans no longer needs it; all are obliged to inform the roster planner (or the secretariat) as soon as possible so that the classroom can be made available to others. The same applies to technical apparatus reserved with the Theatre Technique Department. 

Materials must be collected and returned at the stipulated time.

11  Rules regarding the school premises  

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